H. E.
is an artist, writer, translator, editor, conceptualist, marketing whale, occasional voiceoverer, even more occasional public speaker and a bunch of other things H. E. doesn't care to divulge.

The Fathership (forthcoming) by Glenn Bech, Prototype Publishing
Girlbeast (forthcoming) by Cecilie Lind, Prototype Publishing
Into a Star (forthcoming) by Puk Qvortrup, Hamish Hamilton, 2024


Too big for you, chair, 2021
All Emojied Out (With Nowhere To Go), painting, 2021
Half life, chair, 2021
Endless Bottles, illustrations, 2020 - ongoing
How to kill a baby, chair, 2020
Screaming about cats, floorwords, 2020
Don't you think you're beautiful?, tattoos, 2020
Joseph laid an egg, chair, 2019
Sit on my face, chair, 2019
Death by penetration, fake news, 2019
Bait, seaweed, 2019
"Women are not particularly sexual beings", sandwich board, 2019
Portrait of a city, painting, 2012
Ghost of Bath, ghosts, 2012
Consumerism, fruit, 2012
Reproduction, collage, 2011

Talk Danish To Me, campaign, 2020 - ongoing
Tinder Actually, podcast, 2016
Mad About Copenhagen, foodiverse, 2014 - 2019