In 1BC (or thereabouts), Jesus Christ was born. His father's name was Joseph, but that's a grey zone too because Jesus' mother, Mary, was supposedly a virgin when she gave birth, and God was also the father (who art in heaven). What does it really mean to be a father anyway? Or a mother for that matter? Anyway, there was at least one egg involved in Jesus' creation.
In 1965, the artist Joseph Kosuth laid an egg that would become one of the defining eggs of Conceptual Art movement with his work, 'One and Three Chairs'. The work consists of a chair, a photo of the same chair and the dictionary definition of the word "chair".
In 2007, a trans man named Thomas Beatie was the first man to become pregnant and give birth to a baby. Since then, many trans men have followed suit. Gender, unlike biological sex, is an identity, and there are many men (named Joseph or otherwise) who lay eggs.
In 2019, H. E. fried a giant egg with one yolk and 14 whites and put it on a chair.